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Enercity (Germany) receives two 14 MW hot water boilers

Enercity (Germany) receives two 14 MW hot water boilers

Eco Ketelservice Verhuur bv installed last week in Hannover two hot water boilers for an Energy company. The company delivers electricity, gas, district heating and wood and water energy. The two hot water boilers from Eco Ketelservice Verhuur have an capacity of  4 MW and 10 MW and is used for district heating.

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Expansion rental fleet with Bosch boilers

Eco Steam and Heating has extended its rental fleet file with two Bosch UL-S 16000 boilers. These installations meet all current legal rules and requirements associated with PED 97/23 CE as well as today’s environmental legislation and noise and safety requirements. Our boilers must meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. All installations are assembled in the same, uniform way and using the same sustainable and high-quality components.

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Media: Reliable heat supply at -30 °C

Reliable heat supply at -30 °C

Shymkent is the third largest city in Kazakhstan and is situated in the south of the country near to Uzbekistan. The new “Nursat” administrative and residential district has been established to meet the growing population of the city. This offers space for around 30,000 inhabitants over an area of 370 hectares. In winter there can be icy temperatures – the record is below -30 °C. It is therefore essential to have an absolutely reliable heating and hot water supply system. For this reason a giant new heating plant was built with five Bosch hot water boilers. They can provide the new district with up to 190 MW of heat.


Supply is provided on the basis of demand and the weather. Whether at peak load times or at low demand, the double-flame tube boilers run efficiently and with low emissions over every load range due to the large modulation range of 1:20. Thanks to Bosch control technology with sequence control, the boilers can be switched on and off individually and automatically. At least one of the boilers is generally in standby mode and can support the heating network at any time. Dual-fuel burners offer additional security. If there are supply shortages at the natural gas supplier, it is also possible to operate the system with light fuel oil.

city heating

But the project is not only impressive regarding its size, reliability and efficiency. The transport of the large boilers was also considerable: the steel giants with a transportation weight of approx. 85,000 kilos/each, travelled around 7,200 kilometres to their destination. Starting at the Bosch factory in Gunzenhausen (Germany), they travelled to the port at Roth and then onwards via the canal to Rotterdam (Netherlands), and from there to St. Petersburg (Russia). When they arrived there, the boilers were transported 4,000 kilometres by road through Russia and Kazakhstan. Due to their height of around five metres, power lines had to be temporarily dismantled. The weather conditions were also a great challenge for the experienced haulage company, Instar Logistics. Since the delivery took place during the winter months, the roads were partially covered with snow and ice. The boilers reached their destination in Shymkent safely after a total transportation time of eight weeks. They have since been installed there, and the first two have already been commissioned by Bosch customer service.

Source: Bosch Industriekessel | Linkedin
Date: 12-10-2016

Trade show Energie & Industrie 2016

On 4, 5 and 6 October Eco Steam and Heating will again participate in the Trade show Energie & Industrie. This will take place in the Brabanthallen in Den Bosch.
The Trade show Energie is the main live B2B platform that focuses on the generation of sustainable energy and energy saving. A platform brimming with innovations, lectures, live demonstrations and valuable contacts. Within the Trade show Energie, a specific platform has been laid out: Energie & Industrie. This platform will have its own substantive programme and separate presentations on the trade show floor. Our Eco Steam and Heating stand can be found here in hall 5, location D.055.

Entrance tickets can be requested via communicatie@eco-steamandheating.com.

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A warm Christmas!


We want to thank you for the cooperation in the past year and wish you a Merry Christmas!


Eco Steam and Heating Solutions

Eco Ketelservice Verhuur
Eco Steam Trading & Consultancy



Eco Ketelservice Verhuur chooses CG to standardize boilers

Eco Ketelservice Verhuur is one of Europe’s main energy suppliers, with over 350 installations and 1,000 references across various European industries. Industry segments include engineering and energy. They provide boiler systems for steam and warm/hot water on temporary lease.

[4 februari 2015]


Standardization – an ongoing process
Eco Ketelservice Verhuur offers customers the assurance of fast service monitoring by extensively standardizing lease products and maintaining an in-house stock of spare parts. Nearly 20 years ago, Eco made the choice to specify Emotron frequency inverters as standard. There were many reasons for this. The international character of the Emotron organization was a good match to Eco Ketelservice Verhuur, and Emotron products are robust and user-friendly, providing good quality and reliable delivery times. Moreover, the solid look and feel of Emotron’s drives inspires confidence.


User friendly solution
Eco Ketelservice Verhuur’s boilers are a leased product, and used by many different kinds of customers. Ease of use is therefore essential, and it should also be easy to vary the operating parameters quickly in the event of a problem.



Solution from CG Drives & Automation
The pumps in the warm/hot water boilers are equipped with CG Drives’ FDU IP54 drive, which is mounted in the container, directly on the wall.



Eco Ketelservice Verhuur bv, Netherlands

–          Replace old stock
–          Maintain high quality
–          Availability/delivery – Eco Ketelservice has a 24/7 service

Emotron FDU IP54 drive, mounted in the container directly to the wall

–          Reliability and user-friendliness
–          Availability/delivery
–          Consistent quality
–          Easy installation and user friendly operation


Source: http://www.emotron.nl/bedrijf/nieuws-media/20141/Eco-Ketelservice-Verhuur-chooses-CG-to-standardize-boilers/
Date: 05-02-2015

Eco Steam and Heating Solutions: The best kept secret ever

Completely unexpectedly there was somebody at the door of Eco Steam and Heating Solutions with a cake. The reason? The nomination for the 2014 BOV trophy. They still don’t have any idea who nominated them, but they are certainly flattered.

afbeelding Regio Business sept-okt 2014


“If only we knew who was behind this,” laughs Natasja Leijser (39). “As yet we are in the dark. We hope that the person will reveal themselves at some point, so we can thank him or her. This mystery is the best kept secret ever.”



Eco Steam and Heating Solutions rents and sells steam, warm water and hot water boilers for industrial applications and district heating. Jos Leijser started the company in 1984, eight years ago daughter Natasja joined the team. The strength of the company is mainly found in the rental of around 350 units. “Rentals are our core business,” says the Operational Manager. “We set very high standards for our rental equipment. These are designed with the most modern components and meet all environmental and safety requirements. This allows us to do business internationally with ease.” This is why Eco sought expansion abroad some ten years ago. In the future the aim for further growth will remain focused on Europe. This from the only location in Vossenberg. “Only then can we ensure that we offer the same quality everywhere,” Jos Leijser admits.


BOV trophy

The nomination began as a complete surprise, but now the Eco team with their twenty employees has become so enthusiastic that it definitely wants to reach the final. The employees also achieve the highest attainable out of their jobs every day. They are inspired not only by mutual cooperation, but also by customers. “A customer from Romania recently wanted an extra door in the container so that the boiler was even more accessible,” says Natasja spontaneously. “Of course we made that possible for him.” This addition was not easy, but proved to be a good solution for all boiler installations. This golden tip is now being developed further. “You learn from each other, and you continue to improve,” says Natasja. “And that is what we stand for.”


Source: Regional Business
Edition: Sept-Oct 2014
Themes: Industry BOV trophy


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