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Eco Steam and Heating Solutions: The best kept secret ever

Completely unexpectedly there was somebody at the door of Eco Steam and Heating Solutions with a cake. The reason? The nomination for the 2014 BOV trophy. They still don’t have any idea who nominated them, but they are certainly flattered.

afbeelding Regio Business sept-okt 2014


“If only we knew who was behind this,” laughs Natasja Leijser (39). “As yet we are in the dark. We hope that the person will reveal themselves at some point, so we can thank him or her. This mystery is the best kept secret ever.”



Eco Steam and Heating Solutions rents and sells steam, warm water and hot water boilers for industrial applications and district heating. Jos Leijser started the company in 1984, eight years ago daughter Natasja joined the team. The strength of the company is mainly found in the rental of around 350 units. “Rentals are our core business,” says the Operational Manager. “We set very high standards for our rental equipment. These are designed with the most modern components and meet all environmental and safety requirements. This allows us to do business internationally with ease.” This is why Eco sought expansion abroad some ten years ago. In the future the aim for further growth will remain focused on Europe. This from the only location in Vossenberg. “Only then can we ensure that we offer the same quality everywhere,” Jos Leijser admits.


BOV trophy

The nomination began as a complete surprise, but now the Eco team with their twenty employees has become so enthusiastic that it definitely wants to reach the final. The employees also achieve the highest attainable out of their jobs every day. They are inspired not only by mutual cooperation, but also by customers. “A customer from Romania recently wanted an extra door in the container so that the boiler was even more accessible,” says Natasja spontaneously. “Of course we made that possible for him.” This addition was not easy, but proved to be a good solution for all boiler installations. This golden tip is now being developed further. “You learn from each other, and you continue to improve,” says Natasja. “And that is what we stand for.”


Source: Regional Business
Edition: Sept-Oct 2014
Themes: Industry BOV trophy


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