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Eco Ketelservice Verhuur chooses CG to standardize boilers

Eco Ketelservice Verhuur is one of Europe’s main energy suppliers, with over 350 installations and 1,000 references across various European industries. Industry segments include engineering and energy. They provide boiler systems for steam and warm/hot water on temporary lease.

[4 februari 2015]


Standardization – an ongoing process
Eco Ketelservice Verhuur offers customers the assurance of fast service monitoring by extensively standardizing lease products and maintaining an in-house stock of spare parts. Nearly 20 years ago, Eco made the choice to specify Emotron frequency inverters as standard. There were many reasons for this. The international character of the Emotron organization was a good match to Eco Ketelservice Verhuur, and Emotron products are robust and user-friendly, providing good quality and reliable delivery times. Moreover, the solid look and feel of Emotron’s drives inspires confidence.


User friendly solution
Eco Ketelservice Verhuur’s boilers are a leased product, and used by many different kinds of customers. Ease of use is therefore essential, and it should also be easy to vary the operating parameters quickly in the event of a problem.



Solution from CG Drives & Automation
The pumps in the warm/hot water boilers are equipped with CG Drives’ FDU IP54 drive, which is mounted in the container, directly on the wall.



Eco Ketelservice Verhuur bv, Netherlands

–          Replace old stock
–          Maintain high quality
–          Availability/delivery – Eco Ketelservice has a 24/7 service

Emotron FDU IP54 drive, mounted in the container directly to the wall

–          Reliability and user-friendliness
–          Availability/delivery
–          Consistent quality
–          Easy installation and user friendly operation


Source: http://www.emotron.nl/bedrijf/nieuws-media/20141/Eco-Ketelservice-Verhuur-chooses-CG-to-standardize-boilers/
Date: 05-02-2015

Eco Steam and Heating Solutions: The best kept secret ever

Completely unexpectedly there was somebody at the door of Eco Steam and Heating Solutions with a cake. The reason? The nomination for the 2014 BOV trophy. They still don’t have any idea who nominated them, but they are certainly flattered.

afbeelding Regio Business sept-okt 2014


“If only we knew who was behind this,” laughs Natasja Leijser (39). “As yet we are in the dark. We hope that the person will reveal themselves at some point, so we can thank him or her. This mystery is the best kept secret ever.”



Eco Steam and Heating Solutions rents and sells steam, warm water and hot water boilers for industrial applications and district heating. Jos Leijser started the company in 1984, eight years ago daughter Natasja joined the team. The strength of the company is mainly found in the rental of around 350 units. “Rentals are our core business,” says the Operational Manager. “We set very high standards for our rental equipment. These are designed with the most modern components and meet all environmental and safety requirements. This allows us to do business internationally with ease.” This is why Eco sought expansion abroad some ten years ago. In the future the aim for further growth will remain focused on Europe. This from the only location in Vossenberg. “Only then can we ensure that we offer the same quality everywhere,” Jos Leijser admits.


BOV trophy

The nomination began as a complete surprise, but now the Eco team with their twenty employees has become so enthusiastic that it definitely wants to reach the final. The employees also achieve the highest attainable out of their jobs every day. They are inspired not only by mutual cooperation, but also by customers. “A customer from Romania recently wanted an extra door in the container so that the boiler was even more accessible,” says Natasja spontaneously. “Of course we made that possible for him.” This addition was not easy, but proved to be a good solution for all boiler installations. This golden tip is now being developed further. “You learn from each other, and you continue to improve,” says Natasja. “And that is what we stand for.”


Source: Regional Business
Edition: Sept-Oct 2014
Themes: Industry BOV trophy

Woman in Business: Natasja Leijser


She used to be a lawyer, but found a new challenge in her father’s company. Her high heels were a sight to be seen. Being thought of as ‘the boss’s daughter’ didn’t make it any easier. Natasja Leijser (38) dug her heels in.


Her job as a lawyer with a legal firm in the middle of the Netherlands no longer interested her. She liked advising business people, but disliked conducting proceedings. She told her mother this one morning, who then said that the secretary had just quit her job. Natasja suddenly blurted out that she would fill in. ‘I’d said it before I really knew what was happening’, she laughs. ‘A few days later my father brought it up again. And after we talked about it a few times, I was convinced’. Eco Ketelservice Verhuur was established by Jos Leijser in 1983. The company specialises in the rental and sales of steam boilers to industry. The team, which now consists of about 20 staff members, found itself getting a new co-worker: the boss’s daughter.

‘This role made me fairly vulnerable,’ said the Manager of Internal Operations. ‘I got some strange looks from people in the industry, and at fairs, some people in the business would come to catch a glimpse of the daughter and her high heels. Seriously, sometimes I felt like a monkey in the zoo. For my part, I had no need whatsoever to prove myself; I wanted to make my own way with my own identity. My parents never pressured me to join the company either. They believed there was more to life than being a blind follower. After secondary school I studied Dutch law and specialised in international law. Being a lawyer seemed like a fantastic idea at the time, and it was good fun for a while. But it didn’t give me any long-term satisfaction. Without promising anything, I took a look round my father’s company. After all, I could always go back’.

Commercial side
Joining the business wasn’t exactly a breeze for Natasja. Some staff members were not necessarily used to having a woman working with them. ‘My disadvantage is not being a techie, but luckily, we have plenty in the shop’, according to Leijser who focuses on the commercial side and is mainly involved with marketing and human resources and rental and sales processes. Organising events for customers along with a colleague, evaluating legal documents and conducting interviews are some of the other tasks she likes to take on. ‘At this stage everybody is completely used to me. I managed that by marching to my own beat and standing up for myself. Now, a few years later, I can’t imagine a better place to work’.

Grey men
When it comes to choosing an inviting career, the legal profession and the steam trade are just about polar opposites. The fact remains that the industry is largely populated by old, grey men. Some young blood wouldn’t do any harm, according to the businesswoman who sits on the board of Young Managers of Central Brabant [Jong Management Midden Brabant] and is secretary of the trade association Steam Platform. ‘Of our 100 members, only two of whom are women, almost everyone but me is 45 or over’, she sighs. ‘We can do better. The industry needs the talent of young people and women. Steam should become sexy’. Leijser’s presence in the industry is a good start at any rate. With her lively, feminine personality, she mans her post with brio, in a company that in all likelihood she will take over one day. ‘For now I’m just enjoying working with my father every day’, she replies enthusiastically. ‘I can learn so much from him. And we really complement each other perfectly’.

Sparring partners
Their relationship has changed considerably over the past few years. While they used to be ‘just’ father and daughter, they’ve turned out to be good sparring partners too. ‘What a gift’, smiles Natasja, who for a long time saw him mainly as a caring and hard-working father. ‘I’m getting to know a totally different side of him. That makes our relationship feel rich. We are both fanatics when it comes to work, but he is the technician and I am more the lawyer. And I also put my feminine qualities to good use, which doesn’t go unappreciated. I’m more likely to show my concern for staff and ask about their families, for example. My father wouldn’t do that as easily. So my social side comes in handy here. I really enjoy that’.

Driving force
‘It’s nice to be able to break the ice and make people feel good’, she goes on candidly. ‘They give me something in return too. The other day one of the staff gave me the Mars bar his wife had put in his lunch box. That was special. At that moment I realised that the driving force behind all these men was their women. I’m glad to be a woman too, even if it we don’t always have an easy time of it’.


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